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Breeze is the all-in-one self-care toolkit that compasses you in your self-exploration journey. Discover more about yourself through mood-tracking, mental health tests, self-growth tips, courses & other tools.

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Why Mental Well-being Matters?

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anxiety app


Of Americans experience declining mental well-being, and isolation and stress over the past two years of the world pandemic have made the situation worse.



Or 50 million U.S. adults over the age of 18 grapple with mental health conditions every year, and half of that number do not receive proper mental health support.



Of Young people, 18-29-year-olds experience time-to-time symptoms of depression, like melancholy, disinterest, and lack of motivation.



A number of American adults experience anxiety disorders, which impact their psychological well-being and ability to function day-to-day.

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Mood Tracking

A breeze tool to keep track of your emotions and moods throughout the day. Build a habit of tracking your feelings daily with our easy-to-use tool to uncover all the patterns and triggers driving your emotional state.

Now, it is so easy to be aware of all your ups and downs while discovering the power of understanding yourself on a whole new level.

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Quick Self-Checkups

Snappy personal checkups to keep you in the know. If you're confused about what you're feeling or which symptoms you might have, you can check in with us.

We'll help you figure things out and give suggestions on what to do next. It's time to embark on a process of self-awareness with quick informative tests to check your mental health.

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Self-Growh Courses

Expert courses on various mental health topics 101: from Love & Relationships to Anxiety and Depression. Based on CBT principles, each course lasts just 8–10 minutes for easier comprehension.

Discover empowering self-growth educational resources focused on fostering and nurturing your psychological well-being.

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Mental Health Tests

Comprehensive and accurate science-based tests on mental health topics. We collect and adopt the best personality (and not only) test for in-depth self-understanding. You can use these questionnaires to look for trends or patterns in your behavior. In turn, you receive helpful insights to nurture your mental health from us.

It's easier than ever before to explore the realms of your personality and beyond with self-assessment tools.

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Relaxation Games

Breeze App collection of games designed to help you unwind from anxiety and alleviate stress. If you are anxious or stressed, you can use relaxation breathing techniques to calm yourself down.

These engaging games are a captivating way to reach your inner calm through a variety of mindfulness exercises.

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Insights in Numbers

Maximize the potential of data with our visually compelling statistics. They not only depict your emotional trends but also underline key influencers of your well-being. Ready to harness the power of insights from numbers? Let the numbers guide you to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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Breeze Mental Health App Reviews

Made by Mental Health Enthusiasts for Self-Care Lovers


Breeze is a game-changer for me. The mood tracker helps me recognize triggers and patterns in my moods, and the mini-courses give me practical stress management tools and anxiety relief tricks. The insights are so accurate, and I feel like the app understands me better than anyone else. I am in awe of it!

Sarah, US


The app is great and I really enjoy using the program. It calms my anxiety and has fun activities where I learn a lot of new things. When tracking my mood, it has plenty of options to click, which is good. Beautiful design, informative articles I love to read, and tests on mental health are very insightful.

Lea, UK


I recently started AD and have been looking for an app to track my moods during the day. This is super helpful for me to track all things, other than my meds, that could be influencing my moods. It's better than any mindfulness apps that I've tried before.

Rebecca, US


I'm pretty happy with the insights I’m gaining through all the tests I'm taking. Those games help me to relax and get rid of stress and anxiety. I personally really like the way this anti anxiety app explains emotions and makes you think about what you're feeling.

John, US


I struggle with bipolar disorder, and I have been searching high and low for something like this forever. Your app is a hidden gem in the world of mental health apps! Everything inside is intuitive and easy to use. Definitely worth trying!

Jacob, US

the mindfulness appthe mindfulness appthe mindfulness app

Self-Care Made Easy With the Breeze
Mental Health App

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Frequently asked questions

Breeze Team created unique short education courses and relaxing games that can help you become more aware of your mental health and enhance your skills and strategies for self-care.

A wide range of educational activities are available in the course library section. It's a great way to become conscious of yourself and learn how to enhance your psychological well-being. You can also play a collection of games to lower your stress level and unwind after a long, stressful day.

Generally, the concept of mental health diagnostic tests helps us to understand certain behaviors better. We collect and adopt the most reliable and effective mental health tests.

There are many types of tests to choose from: the Beck Anxiety Inventory Test, Beck Depression Inventory Test, Personality Test, Mood Disorder Test, Test on Positive Outlook, and many more. All these mental diagnostic tests are widely known among professional counselors and provide reliable results.

The Breeze app offers free features. But subscribing gives you full access to the utmost features for your mental health.
Start your journey with a 7-day trial only for $1, then just $19.99 every month! No commitment. Cancel anytime.

Join millions becoming self-aware with Breeze!

It's easy to do! You can cancel your subscription in the App Store or Google Play account settings after purchase. You can read our Terms of Service for more information.

No matter what, we'll always be happy to have you back in our fab community!

It is possible to pay with a Credit Card, PayPal, Apple, and Google Pay. Please reach out to us at if you have any trouble with payments.

Privacy is a fundamental right and a core principle for the Breeze Team. We do not share any personal information gathered by us with any others. We may use personal information for only internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, and research in order to improve products and meet customers' expectations. This personal information also allows us to keep you updated with the latest news and product announcements.

You can read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Whenever you have questions for the Breeze Team, please reach out to us at .Feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Breeze Mental Health App

If you need an awe-inspiring mobile mental health support app, then look no further. Meet Breeze — a self-care and self-development app devoted to being your trusty friend in strengthening your mental well-being. Emotions to track, mental health tests to do, and courses to learn — we are here to empower you with the features that will help you thrive every day!

Effort required

Feel free to spend the time you need in the app. There is no limitation. Our team strives to ensure that the app is easy to use. Spending just about 15-20 min per day can improve your emotional state. We recommend journaling your mood and feelings every day and doing periodic checkups on your mental state to gain tips when you need them. You can set your own tempo by working on the self-grow courses to meet your personal needs and goals.

Does this app work for my specific mental health problem(s)?

Breeze is a similar-to-therapeutic app created for people with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD symptoms. All our unique toolkits, such as tests, games, and checkups, are designed by mental health enthusiasts with expert knowledge and sensitivity to our users who grapple with these conditions.

About Childhood Trauma test

Childhood Trauma Test is take the compassionate self-discovery test to see if your traumatic childhood experience is holding you back.

About cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, is like a mind re-do-it science-based approach that helps you identify and break free from unhelpful thought patterns. With Breeze's CBT-based tools, it's easy to cope with tricky thoughts and feelings with your mobile app anywhere, anytime.

About ADHD test

Frequently feeling a bit swamped, scattered, and unfocused? Check if you have ADHD symptoms with a quick test.

What is the EI test about?

EQ is all about how you deal with your emotions and get along with others. Test your emotional smartness with our test.

Who can benefit from Breeze?

We believe that neurotypical people and people with some mental difficulties of all ages benefit from our breakthroughs. Breeze offers accurate and exciting mental health diagnostic tests to find out more about yourself. Other handy features are mood-tracking and checkups that help you become more mindful about your feelings, mood & attitude. Our unique relaxing games support you with stress relief and unwinding anxiety with mindfulness techniques.

Can this app help me understand my emotions?

Definitely! Daily mood tracker designed to understand which situations/contexts trigger emotional reactions. How? By developing a mental map of your emotional state to identify the things and people that elicit positive and negative emotions in you. Just be sure you track your mood daily with the mobile application!

About mental wellbeing test

Mental well-being test is a test that helps to gauge the balance of your inner harmony with this quick self-check.

Can it replace a therapist and our sessions?

Breeze doesn't aim to replace professional therapy. We strive to improve your self-understanding and self-awareness of states like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, mood shifts, and other mental health issues. Still and all, our app is based on a scientifically proven approach called cognitive-behavioral therapy. This way, we can provide you with the most accurate and therapeutic mental health insights in our app.It is important to mention that If you need help with a mental health crisis or an urgent situation, please seek immediate expert advice from the emergency services.

I am a Mental Health Professional. Can I recommend this app to my client?

Certainly, it would be beneficial to the professional therapy process and enhance the main treatment plan. The app can be used as a mood tracker and symptom diary for your client.The CBT-based courses and tests can add value to your therapeutic process – through education about mental health conditions or providing insights in after-course recommends that you can discuss these topics in therapy. Some ad-hoc mindfulness practices available within the app can reduce stress right then and there.