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15 Books About Borderline Personality Disorder

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15 Books About Borderline Personality Disorder

Do you feel happy? Anxious? Angry? Depressed? Or everything at once? Mood swings can turn life into a wild ride. 

But what can you do with it if you’re surviving a borderline personality disorder? How can you stabilize your mental state and stop feeling like a cheerful SpongeBob to a grumpy Squidward in one minute?

Here, I’m going to suggest the 15 best books on borderline personality disorder. Whether you’re grappling with it yourself or supporting a loved one, these reads can help you redefine your life. Are you ready?

Why Read Books about Borderline Personality Disorder

Can you imagine that BPD affects approximately 6.2% of women and 5.6% of men in the USA? Thus, every 1 of 20 people struggles with the symptoms of this mental illness!

Borderline personality disorder requires comprehensive treatment and can’t be cured just by reading a few books. However, they can become an important step in your treatment journey and help establish a positive self-image, take control of your thoughts, and much more. 

I recommend reading books for people with BPD to deal with the issue faster while feeling better day by day. Or you can answer quiz questions about BPD.

But how to understand that you or your loved one struggles with borderline personality disorder? If you’re reading this article out of pure curiosity or suppose that you may have a BPD, I will help you understand its symptoms better.

A borderline personality disorder is a mental health challenge, unleashing intense mood swings and impulsive behaviors. Those with BPD grapple with uncertainty about self-image and relationships, often rooted in childhood trauma.

Main symptoms could be:

  • Distorted self-image
  • Relationship problems
  • Impulsive decisions
  • Dangerous behavior
  • Anger issues
  • Suicidal thoughts

Disclaimer. Contact a mental health specialist if you or your loved one experience these symptoms now. Even though books on BPD can become your support, you need to get professional treatment. Only it can build a foundation for your stable mental state and well-being.

Below, I provide books about borderline personality disorder that will let you increase awareness of the illness and manage it daily. Also, track your mood with Breeze to check whether you experience emotional swings. 

1. “I Hate You — Don’t Leave Me” by Jerold J. Kreisman

If you’re a newbie to what is BPD, this book has everything covered. The authors spent years of research to ruin the myths and collect definitive information about this mental illness. 

“I Hate You — Don’t Leave Me” is a “borderline book” that highlights symptoms of a disorder and ways to deal with them. It also focuses on risk factors and explains a lot about how and why people develop this illness. Medication and treatment methods that therapists usually use are also here.

Interesting fact. This BPD book inspired Demi Lovato to write the song with the same name.

2. “Beyond Borderline: True Stories of Recovery” by Perry D. Hoffman and John G. Gunderson

This book consists of borderline personality disorder stories. If you’re looking for smth that covers a wide range of symptoms and explains how people deal with them, that’s it!

No cookie-cutter stories or one-size-fits-all therapies here. Each case in ‘Beyond Borderline’ is as unique as the people it explores. If you have a mom, a boyfriend, or a sister with borderline personality disorder, believe that there’s a way out — it just takes time.

3. “The Way She Feels: My Life on the Borderline in Pictures & Pieces” by Courtney Cook

How does it feel — living with borderline personality disorder? The book collects illustrated memories of Courtney Cook — a young woman who was diagnosed with BPD. 

The author bravely describes her ups and downs, from therapy and treatment to hospitalization and recovery. Courtney’s tale reveals the power of little things — mini corn dogs, favorite colors, routines — tools to survive the toughest times in one of the must-read books for people with BPD.

4. “The Buddha and The Borderline” by Kiera Van Gelder

This borderline personality disorder book is about a person who dealt with it on her own. Dive into Kiera Van Gelder’s story — excellent writing, unexpected twists, and a path to recovery. 

The author shares her experience of getting a BPD diagnosis and treatment, as well as insights about the war that was going on in her head. Do these quotes from book resonate with your emotional state?

  • “I’m so good at beginnings, but in the end I always seem to destroy everything, including myself.” 
  • Thirty seconds of pure awareness is a long time, especially after a lifetime of escaping yourself at all costs.” 
  • We do not deserve to be trapped in hell. It isn’t our fault.” 

But how are online dating, Buddhist spirituality, and borderline personality disorder connected? Read about it in the book.

5. “This is Not the End: Conversations on Borderline Personality Disorder” by Tabetha Martin 

“I fight because it’s not over. It doesn’t end here.”

“This is Not the End” consists of first-hand interviews with people who are surviving borderline personality disorder. The book shows us all the painful and challenging aspects of this mental condition, as well as how patients deal with it.

Moreover, it includes valuable info about BPD and its treatment methods (both psychotherapy and medication), as well as insights from people around. If your partner has a borderline personality disorder — no matter girlfriend or boyfriend — these stories will help you understand the person better.

6. “Mindfulness for Borderline Personality Disorder” by Blaise Aguirre and Gillian Galen

What is mindfulness? It’s a practice that helps people stay in the present, regulate their emotions, and have a stable mental state. 

The work of Blaise Aguirre and Gillian Galen is one of the best books for borderline personality disorder patients, as it shows how to manage the problem. It’s a must-read to figure out how regulation practices work and why BPD patients experience emotional swings. 

Can mindfulness help you treat this “emotional burnout”? Exactly! I recommend this book to improve your mental state and cure yourself daily.

7. “Borderline Personality Disorder – A BPD Survival Guide: For Understanding, Coping, and Healing” by Anna Nierling 

Fun fact. Many fictional characters struggle with BPD. Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad,” Elsa from “Frozen,” and Rick from “Rick and Morty” — all of them deal with borderline personality disorder, while their close ones often don’t understand them.

Ann Nierling created the masterpiece in BPD self-help books that lends a helping hand to people who think that they’re alone with their disorder. If you feel stuck in a vicious circle of emotional swings, impulsive decisions, and self-harm, try tips from this “survival guide.”

The book offers tips on how to:

  • Reach a stable emotional state
  • Build nurturing relations with others
  • Become more positive about yourself
  • Take the first steps to mental health

8. “Remnants of a Life on Paper” by Pamela and Bea Tusiani

Trigger warning! This is one of the books on personality disorders that can be difficult to read, especially for people who have tough times with BPD right now.  

“Remnants of Life on Paper” is a personal story of Pamela Tusiani, who had borderline personality disorder and died because of inappropriate treatment at the age of 23. The woman had been writing diaries over the last years of a disorder, so you can read what happened in her head and what battles she dealt with.

After Pamela’s death, her mum and sister published her notes, so now you can discover what horrible things BPD patients experience daily and how tragically they can pass away if the doctor doesn’t choose appropriate medication.

Collection of books for people with BPD.

9. “Sometimes I Act Crazy: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder” by Jerold J. Kreisman

You feel irritated, angry, or desperate. And it’s OK. “Sometimes I Act Crazy” by psychiatrist Jerold J. Kreisman highlights that people with borderline personality disorder are just… normal.

It’s one of the most valuable books about BPD that helps you better understand yourself, improve your overall mental state, and build positive relations without pain and abuse. 

The author gives you a belief that borderline personality disorder isn’t a sentence to complete life. Give a try to this book to get some hope and stop being frightened by your condition.

10. “Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder: How to Keep Out-of-Control Emotions from Destroying Your Relationship” by Shari Y. Manning

Do you still think that partners with BPD behave like Betty in the first season of “Riverdale”? This book will change your mind.

BPD marriage is fine, and partners with this disorder aren’t monsters. This is what the author proves throughout her book. Shari Y. Manning gives some tips and tricks on communicating with your loved one and turning destructive behavior into a nurturing one. 

What is love? It’s a caring and healthy behavior that should be the norm in your couple. If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated, read this book to find a common understanding.

11. “Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication” by Oren Jay Sofer

Oren Jay Sofer has written a book for people with various histrionic personality disorder stories, including BPD. Here, you can find solutions to problems with communication, especially anger issues. 

The author highlights mindfulness techniques that allow for fostering effective communication. These include sensing our body, reflecting on presence, shifting our attention, pausing, etc.

Improve your confidence, deal with social anxiety, and understand other people’s emotions by reading “Say What You Mean.”

12. “Navigating Life with Borderline Personality Disorder. A Practical Guide to Overcome Challenges and Thrive with Borderline Personality Disorder” by Mireyax Q. Perkins

The name of the book speaks for itself. The work of Mireyax Q. Perkins provides practical advice on how to manage disorder and reduce impulsive behavior.

This is one of the most comprehensive books about personality disorders, as you can find tips on maintaining healthy relations, building positive self-esteem, and developing your inner strength here. 

Do you need someone who will give a helping hand and surround you with love and care? This book definitely will. Learn to overcome setbacks and thrive despite any mental challenges with this “Practical Guide.”

13. “Finding Solid Ground. A Survival Guide for Borderline Personality Disorder” by Jennifer Costanza 

If you’re looking for BPD books to feel that you’re not alone with your problem, that’s it! In the modern world, more and more people have stopped stigmatizing borderline personality disorder, especially once TikTok appeared. Gen-Z doesn’t hesitate to share their personal stories and emotions, making our society more open to discussing mental illnesses.

Besides, “Finding Solid Ground” feels like a supportive friend wrapped in the book cover. Discover empathy-driven solutions for understanding yourself, building positive relations, and learning to ask for help if you only suppose you have a disorder.

14. “Borderline Personality Disorder. A Life-Changing Guide to Successfully Manage BPD, Protect Your Mental Health, and Cultivate Healthy Relationships” by Lois Frost

Read this borderline book to overcome fears of abandonment and get a roadmap on how to gain control over your life. Manage rollercoasters of emotions and grow a strong sense of self-acceptance. I recommend this book to overcome the feeling that you are fighting against your personality and build internal support to treat BPD effectively.

In the “Life-Changing Guide,” you’ll find practical tips for managing impulsivity, calming harmful thoughts, and handling stress. What’s more, the author tells real stories of people who experience borderline personality disorder and shares how they deal with it.

15. “Married to Borderline Personality Disorder. Overcoming 9 False Beliefs to Empower Yourself in Your BPD Relationship” by R.C. Leslie

Start a transformative journey for your couple by reading one of the best books about borderline personality disorder. Save helpful tips on how to communicate with a partner who has BPD and who doesn’t want to receive appropriate treatment.

Here, you’ll find the therapist’s insights on how to handle mood swings, impulsiveness, and toxic behavior of your loved one. And how to convince him or her to get help. 

To Sum Up

Happy that you got here! Now, you’re armed with the most powerful list of books on borderline personality disorder that ever existed. Read them to start your healing journey or help your loved ones manage their medical conditions and win in this war.

Try Breeze to discover more about your well-being. Empower yourself with valuable tips to improve your mental state and take the first step toward a healthier and happier life.

Katherine Pocock, MBPsS, comments “Living with BPD is challenging, but can be managed with the right support. These books might provide an insight into BPD, but are not a substitute for professional input. If you’re experiencing symptoms of BPD, please reach out to a mental health professional. If you’re experiencing self harm or suicidal thoughts, it’s important to seek support straight away.”

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Reviewed by Katherine Pocock, MBPsS

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